Computer Crime Investigation
With the development of business informatization, the degree of possible financial risks and losses increases many times, and for cyber attackers, the attractiveness of earning easy money increases
Pentest Testing (pentest)
The essence of such work is an authorized attempt to circumvent the existing set of information system protection tools
Audit Smart Contracts
Audit is an important stage and task for any smart contract, as investors and owners, as a rule, trust it their cryptocurrency or tokens
Blockchain application development
At the stage of its emergence, the Blockchain technology was used exclusively for cryptocurrency, and somewhat later was adopted by some banking institutions
Face recognition
Search activities, incident investigation
Quick search for videos of people interested in the security service or law enforcement agencies, by photo, photofit, or video frame
Data analysis
Used to identify patterns and trends that exist in the data. Typically, such patterns cannot be detected with traditional data viewing, because the links are too complex, or due to an excessive amount of data.